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Fuel Additives

Save time and money with diesel fuel additives that can improve vehicle efficiency and performance, and help injectors, pumps, and other fuel hardware last longer.

Due to the changing standards and demands from a variety of industries, MJ Murphy makes a wide variety of fuel additives available to our customers.  We can splash blend the product for delivery to your site, or you can blend to the ratio you deem appropriate.

Products Available

ET Injector Mate: Provides enhances stability to ethanol blended fuels, increased detergents as well as protection against corrosion.

ET Power Max:  Provides increased cetane to diesel fuel as well as lubricity improvers. Power Max also lends Thermal Stability to the fuel, thus improving its performance in high pressure/temperature common rail diesel engines.

ET Wax Treat Premium: Provides enhanced winter performance in diesel fuels. Addresses the common problem of wax drop out occurring a very low temperatures. Provides all of the enhancements of the Power Max along with winter performance.

Afton HiTEC 41239G: Provides superior injector cleanliness, reduced corrosion, and cetane improvement.

Afton HiTEC 6590: Formulated to provide superior deposit control in both MP and DI gasoline engines using ethanol blended fuels. Optimized fuel economy, power and reduced emissions are some of the benefits from using HiTEC 6590.

Afton OTR 8843G: Formulated for winter performance. Provides all of the benefits of the HiTEC 4139G with excellent cold weather performance.

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