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Bulk Fuel Products

MJ Murphy provides a variety of branded and unbranded diesel and gasoline to industrial, construction, commercial and retail customers. Whether you need unbranded wholesale bulk fuel or branded retail bulk fuel, we are a convenient, reliable, efficient choice. We offer exceptional service, quality fuel and related products, and more than 50 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing our customers a secure, steady, competitively-priced fuel supply. To purchase fuel, schedule a bulk delivery or visit one of our 24-hour cardlock locations.

Fuel Plant

Forward Contracting

Take advantage of forward contracting to save money and make budgeting easy by locking in low pricing for a specified period of time. No matter how much the market or fuel prices fluctuate, you'll enjoy the benefit of a fixed cost per gallon.

Gasoline Products

We carry and distribute a full line of gasoline fuels, including all blends and grades.

Regular/Regular Unleaded: Choose E10 (blended with 10% ethanol) or E85 (blended with 85% ethanol)

Alcohol-free Unleaded: 87 Octane Ethanol-free fuel

Alcohol-free Premium Unleaded: 91 Octane Ethanol-free fuel

Mid-Grade Unleaded

Premium Unleaded

Diesel Products

We offers a variety of diesel fuels for delivery and at our cardlock locations.

Clear Diesel: An Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) that's used for on-road vehicles. Meets the government's 15ppm mandate.

Dyed Diesel: Another Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD), this one is for off-road vehicles and also satisfies the 15ppm mandate.

BioDiesel: High-quality biodiesel that meets all federal and local regulations. This alternative fuel is made from renewable soy products.

Racing Fuel

At MJ Murphy, our racing customers count on us to provide high-quality fuels, additives and lubricants for their race cars. We offer Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants because they've spent more than 40 years developing a line of racing-specific products that provide the best protection and performance for drag racing, powersports, stock car racing, motocross, and both nitrous and non-nitrous applications.

Fuel Additives

Save time and money with diesel fuel additives that can improve vehicle efficiency and performance, and help injectors, pumps, and other fuel hardware last longer.

Due to the changing standards and demands from a variety of industries, MJ Murphy makes a wide variety of fuel additives available to our customers.  We can splash blend the product for delivery to your site, or you can blend to the ratio you deem appropriate.

Products Available

ET Injector Mate: Provides enhances stability to ethanol blended fuels, increased detergents as well as protection against corrosion.
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ET Power Max 3000:  ET Power Max provides increased Cetane for quicker starts and better fuel combustion as well as lubricity improvers for fuel pump, seals and gaskets. Power Max also provides a thermal stabilizer component to the fuel to prevent fuel degradation often seen in today’s high pressure common rail engines, which will prevent darkening and premature plugging of fuel filters. ET’s Power Max detergent and stabilization additives are proven to prevent breakdown of molecules under high heat and oxidative stress in ULSD and biofuels.
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ET Wax Treat Premium: Provides enhanced winter performance in diesel fuels. Addresses the common problem of wax drop out occurring a very low temperatures. Provides all of the enhancements of the Power Max along with winter performance.
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